From our little town in Southeast Nebraska to you, each piece of handcrafted inventory is created with thoughtful recollection of and respect for the past.  Families of yesterday many times had to save in order to purchase just a few special things, such as a set of fine silverware, cherishing it and then passing it on to the next generation.  To us, the creation of each piece of silverware jewelry is a way to preserve the struggles, strength, endurance and historical significance of those lives lived.


Many of the materials that we use in the design of our metal art and decorative items are repurposed, having withstood the test of time and reflecting the essence of bygone eras that only Mother Nature and age can impart.


May you experience in some way a nostalgic connection as you browse through our little reminders of the past.  Thanks for visiting.


“Remember all things, for everything forgotten returns to the circling winds.”


--Navajo Wind Chant--